What style pillowcase do we sell? 

Our pillowcases are made to fit any international standard size pillow and comes in both an Envelope style (50x75cm) and an Oxford style that includes a 5cm border (50x75+5cm). 
Our Envelope style pillowcases come with a delicate zip and our Oxford style pillowcases have a folded tuck flap opening to secure the pillow.


What type of silk do we use?

All of our silk products are 100% pure Mulberry silk.

What is the difference between silk and satin?

Silk is a 100% natural fiber. Satin is made of a blend of fibers, mostly synthetic materials (man-made materials) such as nylon or polyester, with the price much lower than silk and without all the benefits silk can offer as a natural product.

Do your silk pillowcases come packaged? 

Because everyone deserves a bit of luxury, all of our silk pillowcases come beautifully packaged in a gift ready box. The perfect gift for any occasion.

What weave do we use? 

Silk can be woven into different weaves. We use top grade 100% silk material, in a charmeuse weave.

How do you measure thread counts of silk? 

Thread count is a quality measuring standard for cotton, not silk. Silk quality is measured by it’s weight, and momme is the traditional density unit for silk. The higher the momme number, the heavier and better quality the silk. Most in the market are between 10 to 16 momme, but ours is 22 momme, the best weight for durable pillowcases. If you take proper care of your pure silk pillowcase it can last for years.

Is silk easy to care for? 

Surprisingly, it is easier than most people think. Place your LOVESILK pillowcase in the washing machine, we recommend using our LOVESILK washing bag for extra protection, with a mild detergent in the form of liquid detergents, put on a delicate cycle, tumble dry using the dryer's low temperature delicate cycle with fabric softener and it will turn out soft and nice. If you air dry the item you might need to iron it with low heat to restore it’s shine and softness. The water temperature mustn't exceed 30 degree celsius .